1. PX-558 VHF/UHF Handheld Radio Transceiver
    2. PX-558 VHF/UHF Handheld Radio TransceiverEmergency Call-When encountered with emergency, users can press the side key. Then an emergence siren is sounded and the preset alarm code will be send to partners or the control center to inform the receiver of the reporter's conditions, thereby achieving higher security.
    1. Dual Band Walkie Talkie
    2. Dual Band Walkie TalkieTunable Tri-color Backlight-The backlight is available in three colors which are blue, orange and purple. Users can choose the color based on their hobbies. The backlight makes it easy to use the transceiver at night.
      Voice Scrambler-The function makes it impossible for the wrong receiver without the function to decrypt the real voice. Hence, confidentiality of conversations can be fully ensured. The transceiver is also equipped with 8 groups of scramblers.
    1. Trunking Radio Transceiver
    2. Trunking Radio TransceiverPolice Trunking System-PX300M transceiver has 1327 signaling and 1347signaling. It works in 350MHz police trunking communication network. The system achieves many functions including cross-group call, abbreviated dialing, status call, priority call, emergency call, include call , wireless network to internal PAB, wireless to PSTN call, DTMF encoding, redirection, canceling queuing, and voice encryption.
    1. PX-680D Handheld Digital Radio Transceiver
    2. PX-680D Handheld Digital Radio TransceiverPX-680D handheld digital radio transceiver is approved to dust & water protection Class IP67. It is easy for dirt to accumulate on the walkie talkie when it is used in harsh environment. Normal operating can be ensured and conversation wouldn’t be influenced after the product is washed by water.
    1. Trunking Mobile Two Way Radio
    2. Trunking Mobile Two Way RadioSturdy and durable structure makes the product suitable for harsh working conditions. The radio adopts advanced voice companding technique and its audio output power reaches 3W. Therefore, crisp and clear voice can be obtained even in noisy environment. The trunking transceiver is an ideal option for the command and dispatch in wireless communication.
    1. Radio Repeater
    2. Radio RepeaterSimulcast Network-A simulcast network is constructed by the combination of repeaters and network switches. All the repeaters in the simulcast network are active on the same frequency and at the same time. As a result, wide signal coverage between buildings without blind spots is fully ensured.